How Much Weight Can One Healthily Lose in One Month?

This is a good question and I want to clear up some of the confusion around this issue. The goal for a lot of people is to lose fat as quickly as effectively as possible. Another goal that people have is maintaining their weight. There is no point in losing fat incredible fast, if you re-gain it. Therefore it is essential to know, how much weight can one healthily lose in a month. In this article I will tell what it is.

How much weight can one healthily lose in a month

A lot of people only care about, how much weight they lose and they don`t care where the weight comes from. Weight loss itself is really meaningless, unless you talk about body fat to muscle ratio and water weight. It is very easy for a 200 pound person to lose 10 pounds in one day. You simply sweat it off or go on a severe diet, then you achieve the same quick but temporary weight loss. The weight comes back just has quickly as it left. So the key is to lose fat, not muscle or water weight. How many pounds of fat can one healthily lose in a month?

Many fat loss experts recommend losing 1% of your body weight in a week. For example if you weigh 300 pounds, then you should lose 3 pounds of fat. This may not seem that much for most people, but it is steady fat loss. It is possible to lose more fat, but then you are more likely to fail.

For example, if you weigh 300 pounds and your desire is to lose 5 pounds of fat a week, Then you need a 2500 calorie deficit. When your daily calorie maintenance level is 3500 calories, then you can only eat 1000 calories a day. Basically you must starve yourself and that never works. Another option is to train hours and hours in the gym, but if you have a life, then that is impossible.

Certainly you can make your workouts more effective and burn more calories in less time. But then you have to watch out for over training and injuries. Therefore it is necessary to have a strict nutrition plan to avoid this and eating too little has its own risks like lean tissue loss, slower metabolism, weight re-gain and extreme hunger.

So it is always better to lose fat slowly and patiently, which is around 1% of your total body weight. Most of the time these extreme approaches, like starvation diets and insane exercise programs, don`t pay off. Any progress is progress.

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